The interaction of nature and man is so close and profound that in practically any process of human life, we ​​can find similarities to what happens in natural processes.

Every tree has got its roots, a trunk and a crown, while a man has his ancestors (roots), he is the continuation of ancestors (trunk), and his continuation is in his children, his work, his dreams and the materialisation of them (crown).

NAROVSKI is also part of natural processes. Created and nurtured by their parents, Sinthia and Kaspars Narovski have grown into spiritually strong people who now create things with a soul, using great enthusiasm and maintaining respect and reverence for natural processes. They also have a mighty crown - three Narovski daughters - Amanda, Heidi and Kamilla.

NAROVSKI is a family business. Family is their core value; just like the interaction with nature and its processes. Opportunity to work with several hundred-year-old trees and a chance and desire to give them a way to continue their life for another couple of hundred years is an extraordinary experience and process. A very spiritual adventure, during which practically any boundaries that exist between a man and a tree disappear.

Therefore, we can safely say that NAROVSKI story is a story about each of us - about our roots, trunks and crowns.